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Bank-Heavy Press has chosen two of my poems (“How to Apocalypse” and “Questions at U.S. Customs”) for an upcoming issue.  How rad is that?!?!  Give them some love, they deserve it.  (What up AWESOME tumblr design!)

I have to give mad props to my poetry workshop from last semester (and our fearless leader, James Galvin) for workshopping “HtA” - and to my workshop this semester (led by Dora Malech) for reading and spending time with “QaUSC” even though I decided we’d workshop a different one.

My closing statement is this: I know it’s totally selfish for me to love this mostly-above-freezing-during-the-day weather because of global warming and all, but I do. I love it.  Sure, I’d love it more if it were like 60, but then it would be the apocalypse.  Or I’d be in Cali and not Iowa.


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From Blake Butler over at HTLMGiant.