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As some of you may suspect, I am shite at updating my tumblr and I haven’t Tweeted in probably two months.  I should hire a personal assistant/publicist/agent.  (HAHA, poet-joke.)  I can pay you in not-as-clever-as-I-think jokes and probably cookies.  

But, on to updates: Strange Horizons ‘bought’ a poem of mine for an upcoming issue.  That’s a strange word to use there, ‘bought,’ but that’s how a fiction-writing friend of mine said it and it sounded so damn neat that I thought I’d say it.  I’ll let everyone know when it’s going up when I find out.

A fantastic poet (and best friend of mine) at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, Briony Gylgayton, and I are co-authoring a chapbook (with hopes of expanding the project into an anthology) called “Be As Angry As You Like” that explores coping with conditions categorized (vaguely and non-descriptively) as Chronic Pelvic Pain.  Specifically, she has been through (successful!) treatment for vestibulitis and I am starting the long, slow road that is treating vaginismus.  We’ve been there for one another through romantic entanglements and doctor’s visits, all to varying degrees of success!  More on this as it develops.

I recently read three poems from the chapbook-in-progress for Strange Cage — a terrifying-yet-empowering step from dealing with my condition privately to owning it.  There’s a whole mess of self-doubt and shame tied-up in not ”being” a woman if your vagina “doesn’t work,” so reading these pieces was really intense for me.  I want to thank everyone who came out to that reading and listened with an open mind — and also Russell Jaffe of Strange Cage for having me, and the other readers (especially my fellow IWWers Chris Martin and Sara Akant) for sharing the stage.

Enough about vaginas! (Is there such a thing?)  … It also occurs to me that a good title for this post might be ‘Strange Vaginas’ because both words are occurring a lot.  Thanks for reading!


My Pushcart-nominated piece, “Traveler,” is still gettin’ some love over at decomP magazinE (in the form of comments).  Also, a stranger Tweeted the last line.  Not a relative, not a friend, not even a colleague.  

This isn’t bragging.  This is humility.  This is me blushing.  This is appreciation for all the hard work that goes into small press publications, on-line and in print.  This is a reciprocation of the love for written word that those willing to take a chance on these publications exhibit when they bookmark a journal, leave comments, share what they find with the world via social media.

I know I speak on behalf of heaps of poets when I say thank you, from the bottom of our anatomical and metaphorical hearts, for reading and sharing.


Bank-Heavy Press has chosen two of my poems (“How to Apocalypse” and “Questions at U.S. Customs”) for an upcoming issue.  How rad is that?!?!  Give them some love, they deserve it.  (What up AWESOME tumblr design!)

I have to give mad props to my poetry workshop from last semester (and our fearless leader, James Galvin) for workshopping “HtA” - and to my workshop this semester (led by Dora Malech) for reading and spending time with “QaUSC” even though I decided we’d workshop a different one.

My closing statement is this: I know it’s totally selfish for me to love this mostly-above-freezing-during-the-day weather because of global warming and all, but I do. I love it.  Sure, I’d love it more if it were like 60, but then it would be the apocalypse.  Or I’d be in Cali and not Iowa.


So, AM has been really quiet because this Wisconsin-mostly-native has up and transplanted herself in Iowa City for the Writers’ Workshop.

I’m considering a revamp.  Stay tuned. 

Meanwhile, focus those eye-holes over to Radius: Poetry from the Center to the Edge.  This Kevin Grijalva does for Updike far more than Updike ever did for me.  Beautiful.


Feels like a murder but that's alright.: Attention poets: We want to buy your chapbooks & merchandise.


My literary venue/DIY arts space is looking to start a regular merchandising section for our shows to support our favorite poets and talent. We will pay you up front for your merchandise (if you want to offer a bulk price to help out a non-profit community space it is much appreciated) and…

Source: drugz

Since I’ve been submitting to journals and they tend to have a policy of only accepting previously unpublished material - and since personal blogs count as publishing material in more cases than they do not - I’ve committed all but the current weekly poem and those pieces previously published to “private.”  Each week, then, a poem will go into my private archive as a new one is posted.  Neato!

Should a piece be accepted somewhere, I will re-post it here once the publication rights return to me.  Oh, bureaucracy.  


"Radius" undergoes revamp

So, Radius has recently undergone a revamp and I will be co-piloting the poetry side of things alongside Ms. Tara Betts as Radius’ newest Poetry Acquisitions Editor.  

It’s an honor to work with such talent as you’ll find both in Radius’ staff and Radius' (virtual) pages.  Give us a read (or many) as we revamp the journal and bookmark us so you don't miss any future genius.  

Have words of your own?  Radius is on-board with the incredibly user-friendly and intelligent Submishmash submissions manager.  Seriously, if any on-line submissions manager would threaten to spring A.I. and make cyborg-y babies that could erase humanity, Submishmash would be it.

And you know Radius would have oodles to say about it.  


Iowa Writers' Workshop 75th Anniversary

So excited!  And honored.


Revamp in honor of my acceptance into the University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop.  Yes, seriously.  Changes forthcoming, along with some poetry, pictures, quotes, and other blog-related goodness.  

Me: still in shock, two weeks after finding out.  I’m not sure when the news will become real.

Poetically/radically yours,