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As some of you may suspect, I am shite at updating my tumblr and I haven’t Tweeted in probably two months.  I should hire a personal assistant/publicist/agent.  (HAHA, poet-joke.)  I can pay you in not-as-clever-as-I-think jokes and probably cookies.  

But, on to updates: Strange Horizons ‘bought’ a poem of mine for an upcoming issue.  That’s a strange word to use there, ‘bought,’ but that’s how a fiction-writing friend of mine said it and it sounded so damn neat that I thought I’d say it.  I’ll let everyone know when it’s going up when I find out.

A fantastic poet (and best friend of mine) at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, Briony Gylgayton, and I are co-authoring a chapbook (with hopes of expanding the project into an anthology) called “Be As Angry As You Like” that explores coping with conditions categorized (vaguely and non-descriptively) as Chronic Pelvic Pain.  Specifically, she has been through (successful!) treatment for vestibulitis and I am starting the long, slow road that is treating vaginismus.  We’ve been there for one another through romantic entanglements and doctor’s visits, all to varying degrees of success!  More on this as it develops.

I recently read three poems from the chapbook-in-progress for Strange Cage — a terrifying-yet-empowering step from dealing with my condition privately to owning it.  There’s a whole mess of self-doubt and shame tied-up in not ”being” a woman if your vagina “doesn’t work,” so reading these pieces was really intense for me.  I want to thank everyone who came out to that reading and listened with an open mind — and also Russell Jaffe of Strange Cage for having me, and the other readers (especially my fellow IWWers Chris Martin and Sara Akant) for sharing the stage.

Enough about vaginas! (Is there such a thing?)  … It also occurs to me that a good title for this post might be ‘Strange Vaginas’ because both words are occurring a lot.  Thanks for reading!


First of all, click your booties over to Paper Darts and check my piece “Smokescreen” — then continue and check David Cotrone’s fabulous second-person piece, “Suggestions.” It will break your heart in all the best places.  

Then, if you’ve got $7 to toss towards a publication, check out my pieces “Questions at U.S. Customs” and “How to Apocalypse” in Bank-Heavy Press' anthology Avoid Ninja Stars — and, if you’re in southern Cali, check out a few of their readings.  I hear there are shenanigans.

Finally, I’m doing 30/30 for April.  If I post that statement here, it makes me accountable.  Or something?  I’ll probably post each of the X/30 on here and take them down at the end of the month for revision and future use.  So stay tuned!

Finally ^2, check my girl Briony’s stuff — especially any of you nerdier folk.  Fall in love.